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Klaxon, Mayday, SOS, Texas tower, air-raid alarm, alarm, alarm bell, alarm clock, alarm signal, alarum, alert, all clear, antenna tower, barbican, beacon, belfry, bell tower, belvedere, bench mark, bleachers, blinking light, bookmark, bridge, burglar alarm, buzzer, cairn, campanile, catstone, colossus, column, conning tower, crostarie, cupola, derrick, direction, dome, fiery cross, fire alarm, fire bell, fire flag, fire tower, five-minute gun, flashing light, fog bell, fog signal, foghorn, gale warning, gallery, gazebo, grandstand, guidance, hooter, horn, hue and cry, hurricane warning, landmark, lantern, lightship, lookout, loophole, mark, marker, martello, martello tower, mast, menhir, milepost, milestone, minaret, monument, note of alarm, obelisk, observation post, observation tower, observatory, occulting light, outlook, overlook, pagoda, peanut gallery, peephole, pharos, pilaster, pillar, pinnacle, platform, pole, police whistle, pylon, pyramid, ringside, ringside seat, seamark, shaft, sighthole, signal of distress, siren, skyscraper, small-craft warning, spire, standpipe, steeple, still alarm, storm cone, storm flag, storm warning, stupa, television mast, tocsin, top gallery, tope, tour, tower, turret, two-minute gun, upside-down flag, watchtower, water tower, whistle, windmill tower

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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